Instagram Reels' 'Bonuses': How to Earn Money Using This New Feature

By Staff Reporter , Updated May 27, 2021 08:40 AM EDT
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Content creators within Instagram will now have a chance to earn money while creating short videos in the social media platform's Reels with the help of "Bonuses." The said service will help them monetize their videos in Reels.

According to an article by Mashable India, Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram's developer, first discovered the service which later shared the screenshots of what he found on his Twitter account.

Based on the screenshots posted, the "Bonuses" service will also track a content creator's progress in terms of its earning goals within Reels, including its tracking to a video's metrics like "Plays," "Accounts Reached," "Likes," "Comments," and "Shares."

The monetizing service also has a feature where creators can keep up with new earning opportunities for them, all while being paid by Instagram.

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This service however will accessible to several content creators that met its requirements. According to an article by, "Bonuses" will open for said creators who have a good upload volume or high audience engagement metrics (this included Likes, Comments, and Shares). Apart from that, they should also met a "Bonus threshold" before being eligible to use this service.

Despite of this, the service is still on its testing phase and no official statement from Instagram regarding this has been released.

According to an article by Zee News, this service was created so that it will par against its rival TikTok and other video-streaming and sharing platforms. According to the article, Instagram would like to follow TikTok's footsteps once "Bonus" will be rolled out in the future.

Instagram previously announced that they will provide both content creators and businesses the "tools they need" with the launching of their "Professional Dashboard" service, where they can track their performance, discover new ways to monetize their content while being able to be educated by the platform through curated resources.

Last May 24, they released updates for their Insights in order to further aid them in terms of evaluating their activities on Instagram. According to their statement, Instagram has provided Reels new metrics to track the creator's audience interaction within the platform while in terms of Live, they added "Peak Concurrent Viewers" to the list of its metrics along with the usual elements such as "Comments" and "Shares."

They also said that these metrics are also included in the "Account Insights" to provide an illustration on how these two video-sharing services can shape an account's performance. They even provide breakdowns to provide transparency into which types of accounts a creator is reaching as well as which format can be most effective as driving said reach.

 "We understand that Insights are a critical resource for creators and businesses looking to grow their audience and engage their followers. We will be continually updating the Insights experience throughout 2021 and beyond to better meet the needs of creators and businesses," Instagram said.

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