Why You Need to Explore Playing Your Minecraft Games Through a Dedicated Server

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Jul 01, 2021 03:07 PM EDT
Why You Need to Explore Playing Your Minecraft Games Through a Dedicated Server
(Photo: Why You Need to Explore Playing Your Minecraft Games Through a Dedicated Server)

Minecraft is arguably one of the best-selling PC games in the history of online gaming. It has over a 100million registered users. With better technology developing every day, playing the game has become even more seamless than it used to be. Now more than ever, you need to stay connected, explore new maps, and meet fresh users. Just like every multiplayer game, Minecraft is played with a host and clients. The host is usually the person with the lowest latency and he handles the activity of all the players while also playing the game. For this reason, the host machine requires more processing power, speed, and memory space as more players enter to play the game. The game is likely to suffer from either bugs or lags, with a very high tendency to crash if the host player develops a bad Internet connection and the computer becomes weak at any point. 

A dedicated server makes playing your Minecraft game much more enjoyable and offers you a seamless gaming experience. In this case, all players connect to a server specially dedicated to the game, so there's a better connection and high processing speed. 

In a dedicated server, the admin is in charge of controlling the game and its features to ensure that players play without any worries or issues. It offers you a seamless gaming experience, making it a great alternative to other hosting options. The work of a dedicated Minecraft server is to host games for clients diligently without any other distractions. Minecraft is one of the online games that have a high workload, so to enjoy it to the maximum you need to play it with a dedicated server. 

The connection of a dedicated server is always solid to ensure that your game does not experience any glitches. Unlike in normal servers where; the more players join the game, the more bandwidth the host requires, a dedicated server can handle many players and maintain its bandwidth with higher computing power and better connectivity. When playing Minecraft competitively a dedicated server is the best option, as it cancels the unnecessary advantage of low latency the host will have over the other players. 

The host of a dedicated Minecraft server can freely customize the game to increase rounds, update maps, and add more fun activities so that you never get bored with the server. For instance, Minecraft Parkour servers regularly update their maps, adjust the game rules, and secure every client's saved files religiously. One major problem normal hosting servers have is low storage capacity, but this problem is eliminated with a dedicated server as there's enough RAM to handle every client's saved files. 

Another reason for you to explore the use of a dedicated server for your Minecraft game is its ability to handle high traffic demands; the main guaranteed feature of a dedicated server is that it can host as many players, without hurdles. The host can always set a little limit to the number of players allowed into the game anytime he wants so that the game won't get too crowded. As you play your game, your progress is saved excellently so that you can easily pick up from where you stopped, without fear that your files will get lost or corrupted. 

Take your Minecraft game to the next level, by playing it on a dedicated server. Where you can discover and explore new roadblocks and new maps. A dedicated server is extremely reliable, it never lags, loads slowly, or crashes, so when you use it you can be sure of a smooth and easy experience with an incredibly high level of security. 

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