Summer Placements Now Available on Academy of Art University's Free Pre-College Art Experience Program

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Jul 09, 2021 05:03 PM EDT
Summer Placements Now Available on Academy of Art University's Free Pre-College Art Experience Program
(Photo: Summer Placements Now Available on Academy of Art University's Free Pre-College Art Experience Program)

High school students looking to pursue creative educations don't need to look any further. Academy of Art University is offering its stand-out Pre-College Art Experience (PCAE) program-and placements for the summer course are now open. This free art and design program helps freshman and senior students earn money toward their future college degrees while they develop essential artistic skills. Budding artists can explore opportunities for creative careers, build confidence in their technical abilities, and experience the artistic prowess that comes with being an Academy student. 

Students undertaking the program work with practicing artists, designers, authors, and entrepreneurs who are highly qualified in every artistic niche. Some of the Academy departments that offer PCAE classes include the Schools of Acting, Advertising, Art History, Communications and Media, Fashion, Fine Art, Illustration, Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media, and Web Design and New Media.

How PCAE Students Earn Money Towards College Degrees

Students earn tuition credit while studying the PCAE program, and the Academy applies this credit to their registrations when they enroll for college degrees. Students receive $1,000 in tuition credit for each class they pass. They can take up to four classes, saving up to $4,000 towards their tuition. Students can take additional classes to further develop their skills, even if they've already earned the maximum contribution toward their scholarship. The Academy offers a variety of PCAE classes, including Character Design, Fashion Design, Figure Drawing, Graphic Design, Photography, Screenwriting, and Comic Book Illustration.

Personal Portfolio and Exhibit Opportunity

The PCAE program also offers a great opportunity for students to build a creative portfolio for personal development. Though the Academy has an open admissions policy, which means there is no portfolio requirement for applicants, developing a portfolio is a great practice for self-improvement. Plus, those who take part in the program have the chance to present their work in the end-of-semester student exhibit.

Freshman and senior students who are thinking about applying for the program will enjoy exploring this year's PCAE Exhibit.

Taking Part in the PCAE Program: an Interview With Nattiel Arias

Here, the Academy's PCAE Manager Nattiel Arias discusses the benefits of the program.

What makes Academy of Art's PCAE different from other pre-college art programs?

Our students can participate every semester from the time they are freshmen to their senior year. The students get countless opportunities to try out different classes and continue learning and improving. Our program also does not have any tuition, application, or registration fees.

Why should high school students consider applying for the PCAE program?

Our pre-college program offers the opportunity for students to try different classes in different areas of art and design free of tuition costs. This is great for students to try other classes and interests and help their decision-making process when they are ready to apply for school. It also provides the students with insight into what it is like to attend classes at The Academy and how we set our students up for success.

What can students look forward to/expect from PCAE?

To learn the basics, get comfortable with critiques, and be challenged to think like artists. We have curated our classes to engage and help the students understand how their degree would feel. 

Why should PCAE students submit to the program's end-of-semester exhibition?

"Part of what we do as artists is showcase our work and let the world see our vision. The PCAE final exhibition offers students the opportunity to share their work with the public and experience what it's like to be part of an artist exhibition."

Apply for Academy of Art University's Summer PCAE Program

Students can now apply for the summer PCAE program, which will run from July 5, 2021, to August 14, 2021. Students can choose art and design classes from a selection of over 50 options, which they'll study over four weeks. Usually, students can take the pre-college program either at the Academy's San Francisco campus or online all year round. However, due to COVID-19, all classes will take place virtually this year.

The Academy is also running its fall course, which will run from October 2, 2021, to November 12, 2021. The spring course will take place at dates TBC in February-April 2022.

Read more about the PCAE program.

About Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University opened as a family-owned art and design school in 1929. Since then, the Academy has grown into one of the largest private, accredited design schools in the United States. The widely acclaimed university has welcomed numerous creatives over the years, helping these students develop their skills so they can flourish in an array of industries. The Academy firmly believes that students shouldn't only learn in the classroom. That's why it partners with several successful industry companies, which offer placements and schemes to help students develop real-life skills and share their works with the wider world.

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