'Clash of Clans' Autumn Update 2021 Guide: How to Download, New Super Troop, Changes, and More

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 28, 2021 12:18 AM EDT
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Supercell announced that Clash of Clans will receive its Autumn Update, which will be rolled out across mobile devices. The said update will introduce a new Super Troop, the Super Bowler, who can be an advantage to those players that have him in their army.

Aside from that, the mobile app's Autumn Update will also bring in several changes, including improvements for its Quality of Life.

Behold, the Super Bowler

The Super Bowler, according to the patch notes released in the game's website by its developers, will be much like any other Super Troops in Clash of Clans - it has higher stats, but has a greater Housing Space and a more expensive training cost.

In its Level 4, at a cost of 700 DE, he has a TH Level of 12, 1600 Health, and 170 damage per second (DPS), while when he hits Level 6, at a cost of 1000 DE, he has a TH Level of 14, 2000 Health, and 200 DPS.

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Aside for the said stats, Super Bowler also has an extra advantage. Every time he attacks, his rock ball will bounce one extra time, for a total of 3 impacts of damage, making him a perfect damage dealer for those funnel kill-teams.

He can also be suitable for clearing any defenses that is outside of their regular Bowlers' range, and with the help of the said extra bounce in its attacks, he can deliver an advantage during raids.

Other Changes

Aside from the arrival of the Super Bowler, Clash of Clans' Autumn Update will also bring in other changes to the game. According to The Nerd Stash, once the update rolls out, players can now gain XP when they donate their Troops during Wars and War League, but not during Friendly Wars.

The amount of said XP earned, which will be the same as for other another donations, will be based on the Troops that they donated at the start of the Battle Day, and these XP will be earned after Preparation Day ends.

On the other hand, farming any XP by removing any donations and repeatedly requesting any Troops will not be possible.

Another addition coming from the said update is the new Hero Skin Randomizer, which can apply a random Hero Skin each time they load their own Home Village. The said village, according to Dual Shockers, will load after events such as attack raids or visiting another player's Village.

In order to activate said randomizer, they must first choose from the list of skins from their available Heroes in their Hero Skin UI. Any skins that are not selected will be excluded from the Randomizer's cycle.

How to Download the Update

In line for the Clash of Clans' Autumn Update, Supercell released a guide in order to download it easily in case the game did not download it automatically.

According to Express, in order to download the said update, they must go to their respective app stores (Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS) and type the game in the Search Bar. Once they saw the game's new update, they will download it directly.

If the said update could not load, they must go to their Settings, then they will select the Apps tab. From there, they will select the App store that they have in their smartphone, then they will select Clear Cache.

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