'Street Fighter' Vs 'Breaking Bad'- Ryu Battles Jesse Pinkman and his Walter White Super Move [VIDEO]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Apr 08, 2014 09:32 AM EDT

While there likely will never be an official Breaking Bad videogame, people love to try their hand at them. Recreations in Minecraft, Lego parodies, even its own 8-bit RPG. Even with the series now done and finished the popularity remains strong, and Walter White's legend will never die. How else do you explain people still taking the time to put out videos, like this excellent Street Fighter Vs Breaking Bad mashup?

This incredible little short features Ryu fighting Jesse Pinkman in what's clearly the Breaking Bad stage, as evidenced by the RV and cacti populating the stage. There's a bunch of characters from the show standing around in the background, including a man with a mohawk and a knife, an old man in a wheelchair, and a certain tortoise with a passenger.

Jesse's fight intro starts off with him sitting on a pile of money next to barrels, which is perfect. Some of his super moves including throwing a bundle of cash and using a giant magnet to pull his opponent in. His super move is apparently called "I am the one who knocks" and features a giant Walter White dragging Ryu into a door that leads to a dark dimension filled with chemistry. It's too bad for Jesse that Ryu has all his classic moves and knows how to parry!

If only this were playable...

RYU VS JESSE (A Street Fighter-Breaking Bad tribute) from Junior Jesman on Vimeo.

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