Crystal Dynamics Lists Job Postings For 'Tomb Raider 2,' Some Gameplay Details Leak

By Alex Wolfe , Updated Apr 15, 2014 01:15 PM EDT

Back a couple of months ago when Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition released for PS4 and Xbox One, we were told that we were looking at the "first step of a new Lara Croft" on next gen.

Well, it looks like developer Crystal Dynamics is really ready to take the next step, and that next step involves hiring a few more people to help with the yet unannounced Tomb Raider 2.

Some career postings on the Crystal Dynamics website shed a little light on the positions they're looking to fill for the new Lara Croft title, those being Cinematics Lead, Environment Artist, Community Manager, Combat Systems Designer, Systems Designer and QA Manager. 

All of the postings advertise working "on the latest in our award-winning Tomb Raider reboot in our Redwood City studio, just south of San Francisco." The Combat Systems Designer listing also gives us an idea of something we probably already knew, by asking candidates to "build combat systems that directly apply to a 3rd person cover based action adventure game." That posting continues in a little more detail:

"Design responsibilities include but are not limited to Enemy AI, combat behaviors, stealth, player weapons and tools, cover and melee based mechanics. These responsibilities require a high degree of knowledge and experience between code and content, as well as showing demonstrable on screen progress to from concept to ship. Both theory and hands on work will be required."

So it's not a ton to go off of, but we at least know that the new Tomb Raider game will feature much of the same stealthy qualities that made the first one such a blast.

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