Killer Instinct News: Old Favorites Return in Season Two With a New Boss, Aria [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Apr 21, 2014 10:02 AM EDT

The first season of the Xbox One exclusive and free-to-play fighter Killer Instinct came to a close earlier this month with a new update that gifted the game with the much anticipated arcade mode, lobbies, and Ultratech's resident A.I. assassin Fulgore. But the additions are far from over, and with developer Iron Galaxy now in charge, there's a lot more still to hit Killer Instinct.

With Killer Instinct still three characters short of the original game's roster, with Riptor, Cinder, and T.J. Combo still unseen, there are some fairly obvious choices for future inclusions, and Iron Galaxy teased as much during a recent PlayXBLA stream. The barbarian Tusk from Killer Instinct 2 has also been mentioned as another selectable character players might see down the road, but nothing's set in stone. But one character that has been named is the "nasty boss" Microsoft has been teasing players about.

Instead of the game's previous bosses, Gargos and Eyedol, this boss is a brand new character named Aria. While the genderless entity is involved in some way with the Ultratech corporation, it's unknown if Aria is an employee, or just another creation of the megacorporation. Aria has only been seen during the "secret" ending as bald shilouette with white eyes, similar to Virtua Fighter's Dural.

Iron Galaxy is also looking to return Killer Instinct's "No Mercy" finisher moves, but hasn't gone into specifics on that. The moves' potential returns were teased with the addition of Shadow Jago. More information will be revealed at this year's E3 this June. In the mean time, take a look at Aria in the video below.

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