YouTuber Chadtronic Plays 'Sonic,' 'Mario 64' and Other AAA Games Using Oculus Rift [VIDEO]

By Alex Wolfe , Updated Apr 26, 2014 12:06 PM EDT

Oculus Rift tech demos are cool and all, but I, like many, want to see what this thing can really do. Give me some AAA games, man!

Luckily YouTuber Chadtronic has come to the rescue, making videos showing off first-person Sonic, Mario 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Mario Kart Wii on the Rift.

So which one's my favorite? Well, it's a toss-up. I actually really liked the Sonic demo, since the blue hedgehog has always been more about running really fast and going around loop-de-loops than jumping on things' heads. Mario Kart was also really cool, although I would definitely find myself missing the third-person view. And first-person Ocarina of Time really works well, especially as it pertains to looking over your surroundings.

Mario 64, surprisingly, was the one I liked the least. It looked really hard to time your jumps right when you're in constant first person. That, and playing everything up close kind of exposes just how dated that game has gotten. I'll gladly keep the third person view for my Mario 64 experience, thank you very much.

Chadtronic is taking requests, so I thought of a few franchises that I'd like to see.

Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii): Much like Sonic, Donkey Kong's adventures rely a lot on strategic jumping and running. I'd be totally down for a first-person view of that.

Goldeneye (N64): If you're going to do first-person stuff on Oculus, you can't leave out the shooter that started them all. This would be made even better if Chadtronic could set up an online server and get a few people together for an online game.

Pac-Man: This is a sleeper pick. Make a 3D, first-person version of everyone's favorite ghost murderer and go wild. To keep things authentic, maybe keep a small HUD showing the entire board in the upper right corner, Google Glass-style. But imagine dodging (and eating) ghosts in the first person!

What game do you want Chadtronic to make next? Let us know in the comments, but don't just let us know, let him know! Also, check out his first four Oculus videos below.

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