'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Game For Xbox One Not Canceled; It Released Today, But Only As a Download [VIDEO]

By Alex Wolfe , Updated Apr 29, 2014 11:53 AM EDT

I'm very confused by this Amazing Spider-Man 2 Xbox One situation.

First, Beenox and Activision removed all trace of the Xbox One version from their site about two weeks ago. They gave a statement that sounded like the One version was more of an "if" than a "when," and it certainly sounded like it was canceled.

So then last week, some big retailers started listing the date July 1 for the game's release, leading us to think that maybe it really was just delayed, not canceled. Amazon and GameStop still have the game listed for that date, and I can confirm that my local GameStop was instructed to cross off the Xbox One logo on all ASM2 signage this past week.

And then the game released today for every system but Xbox One. Or did it? Major Nelson made a post today stating that the game is available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and low and behold, there it is on the Microsoft Store online available for digital purchase.

Oh, and Twitch user TheRealPlatypusBible is playing it live right now, and it appears to work just fine. Weird, man. Just weird.

Eurogamer reports that developer Beenox has said a couple of times that they're frustrated by the situation, so maybe Microsoft strong-armed them into making the game only available for download from launch? I'm sure more will come out over the coming days regarding this interesting situation.

In the meantime, check out TheRealPlatypusBible's stream below, and let us know if you'll be picking up a digital Xbox One copy today.

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