'Titanfall' Expedition DLC: EA Set To Bring 'New Experiences' Through 'Sequels, Spinoffs' Or 'Mobile Games'? [VIDEO]

By Alex Wolfe , Updated May 07, 2014 08:59 AM EDT

During EA's earnings call yesterday, CEO Andrew Wilson dropped an interesting bit of information: EA is committed to Titanfall in a big way.

The Runoff Map From Titanfall's New Expedition DLC Was Detailed

IGN was on the call, and got the quote from Wilson: 

"'Through a new agreement with Vince Zampella and Respawn,' EA CEO Andrew Wilson said, 'we'll be able to bring new Titanfall experiences to players worldwide.' Wilson did not specify whether this involved a direct sequel, spinoffs, mobile games, or any other details."

Details On the New Titanfall Map War Games 

So what could that mean?

Honestly, it probably just means sequels. But wouldn't it be exciting if EA had some Titanfall spinoffs in the works? I'm not too keen on the idea of mobile stuff - Titanfall is definitely not a game where you could have a companion app or something like Watch Dogs. But if they could give another perspective to the war, that would be really cool. Of course, they could also just do that in Titanfall 2.

IGN reached out to Respawn regarding Wilson's comment, to which they simply said "no further details" and that they are still working hard on supporting the first game.

What do you want to see out of the continued Respawn and EA partnership with Titanfall? Let us know in the comments.

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