'Super Smash Bros 4' News: Wii U Pic of the Day Reveals Bullet Bill Item Ready to Explode

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 08, 2014 06:56 PM EDT

The last major character reveal came in the form of a Nintendo Direct video, which showed off several new playable characters that would be joining the roster. We learned about newcome Greninja, the water starter Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y, along with a few others.

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The daily picture posts on the game's official website haven't been revealing details as big as those, but you can certainyl rely on their consistency. For today's update, series director Masahiro Sakurai has shown off a new item, which most Nintendo fans will recognize. Here is his accompanying description from the Miiverse forums:

"Pic of the day. Bullet Bill here is an item. Can you guess what happens when you use it?"

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I imagine Sakurai expects there to be an obvious answer to his question, but I can't be exactly sure what gameplay mechanic they chose for Bullet Bill. My best guess is that you can launch him in a straight line at an enemy, which is how he behaves in Super Mario titles, but perhaps he acts like a normal projectile and exploded on contact

At any rate, Mega Man looks very excited by Bullet Bill's presence, and I'm sure the iconic Mario enemy is a powerful item. Keep checking back for more Super Smash Bros. news ahead of E3, which will hopefully include an early specific release date announcement.

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