Ouya Portable Developed? Modder Creates Mobile 720p Version Of Open Source Console

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 12, 2014 08:35 PM EDT

Ouya may not have had the most success since its release, but a creative fan has breathed new life into the device, showing off a potentially very useful creation.

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A modder who goes by the name Downing has developed a portable version of the game system, which he revealed on his website. It's powered by batteries and boasts a 7-inch, 720p display. Downing showed off his Ouya Portable in pictures and a video, which you can see below.

"Hey guys! Today I'd like to present to you my completed OUYA Portable," he wrote on his site. This is my first portable in almost two years that I completed.

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"I know I've done a lot of other stuff of course, but as far as technical "portables" go, this is my first since "The GeneBoy". It's amazing to see the difference two years makes in technique and quality, but it's just a stepping stone into the next project, whatever that may be."

He has no plans to sell or monetize his creation, unless some sort of huge offer was to come in for it. Downing has other projects he'd like to get back to, and obviously has a passion for making devices like this.

The types of games in Ouya's library, limited as they may be, could definitely benefit from a portable system, but I'm not sure we'll see this go any further than a side project from a fan (even if it's a very cool one). It's Ouya's developers or another company see a lot of potential here, but given the console's struggle since release, it's probably not looked at as a very hot property.

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