'A Million Ways To Die In The West' On 'The Oregon Trail'? Free Adult Swim Game Is Insane Mashup Of Classic Videogames

By Alex Riviello , Updated May 16, 2014 02:51 PM EDT

Seth MacFarlane's upcoming movie A Million Ways to Die in the West is said to offer just that, a darkly funny look at all of the horrible ways you could die in those trying times. So when Adult Swim decided to make their own video game version of the film they wisely decided to base it on The Oregon Trail, a game also that doesn't hesitate to kill you off in myriad unfair ways.

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You start off much the same way as The Oregon Trail does, by picking up some supplies and setting off on the road. Don't get enough bullets and you won't be able to hunt and find food, don't get enough extra parts and your wagon can break and leave you stranded in no where. Along the way you'll come down with various ailments no matter what you do but you'll be able to stop at various landmarks, where other mini-games take place.

Here's where the fun begins. Each of these landmarks is a riff on another classic video game. We saw Frogger, Super Mario Bros, and others on our journey to our deaths. Along the way you'll try to keep your sheep safe but it's likely that none of you will make it out alive.

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Over the course of one game we had members of our party killed by snake bite, a broken arm, a tumbleweed, by having too much blood drawn from leeches by a "doctor", and, most distressing of all, a splinter.

It's fun and it's free so give it a whirl on Adult Swim's official site right here. A Million Ways to Die in the West opens in theaters May 30.

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