'Mortal Kombat 10' 2014 Rumors: MK Creator Ed Boon Teasing Title on Twitter [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 20, 2014 11:35 AM EDT

There's a lot of interesting things coming from the Twitter account of Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon, who's either setting up for a massive E3 reveal, or has taken trolling to a whole new level. Examining the evidence, it appears as though he's gearing up to announced another addition to at least one of developer NetherRealm's fighter franchises.

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It all began earlier this month when Boon started tweeting nonsensical and innocuous questions, like "Square root of 841" on May 4, or asking "How many days in (non-leap-year) February?" the following day. The respective answers are 29 and 28, which also happened to be how many days were left until E3 at the time the tweets were sent out.

Boon's kept at it throughout the month, each day finding an ever more bizarre method of keeping the countdown going. Obviously he has plans for E3, but what? At this point, it looks like it could be one of two things:

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* An Injustice: Gods Among Us sequel - during last month's Wondercon, fans were treated to a showing of Batman: Arkham Knight, but there was something of a misunderstanding over the game's release date, said to be for 2015. Eventually, a DC spokesman clarified that the date was for an Injustice sequel, not Arkham Knight. However, a new Injustice game has yet to be formally announced.

* The next Mortal Kombat - depending on your interpretation of a recent tweet, Mortal Kombat X is on the way. While it was never explicitly known as Mortal Kombat 9, the last entry in the franchise, simply Mortal Kombat, rebooted the franchise, paving the way for a new MK audience thanks to re-imagined characters, stages, fatalities, and storyline.

Whatever Boon has in store, the teases keep coming. We'll keep our eyes stuck to his Twitter account and see what else comes up between now and E3.

Speaking personally, I think a new Mortal Kombat is the more likely of the two. Injustice is a bit fresher, and with DC wrapped up in Arkham Knight, I think the time is right for Boon to get back to what helped put him on the map, namely, bloody and grisly fatalities, not unlike the ones below.

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