'Big Hero 6' Teaser Promises Disney And Marvel Adventure, Cuddly Robots and Comedy [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated May 23, 2014 09:00 AM EDT

Disney has released the first teaser for their upcoming Big Hero 6, an adaptation of the Marvel comic that, I am pretty sure, has nothing to do with the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. The teaser shows us lead character Hiro Hamada as he attempts, quite amusingly and somewhat successfully, to give his pudgy, soft-hearted creation, Baymax, a suit of armor. It's classic 'we're building you this fun thing, bear with us' marketing.

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Big Hero 6, according to Marvel Studios head Joe Quesada, will be a Disney film, a pudgy Baymax, with a Marvel body, the armor. "The relationship between Hiro and his robot has a very Disney flavor to it...but it's combined with these Marvel heroic arcs." Quesada said.

Not many people know about the Big Hero 6. I and all my fellow internet journalists went scrambling to the wikipedia page. The comics revolve around the Japanese government's attempts to assemble their own brand of superheroes, what they get are an amusing cast of characters including Hiro, Baymax and Honey Lemon, a girl (and probable love interest to Hiro) whose power is basically a Bag of Holding, allowing her to pull any object she needs from a purse she carries.

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Don Hall and Chris Williams, who wrote The Emperor's New Groove are directing the action comedy, due out February of next year. They want to create a cross-over hit with Big Hero 6, appealing to everyone, boys, girls, young and old, like last year's 'I can't believe this is still in theaters' hit Frozen. "It would be very easy for this movie to be seen as a boys' movie, just like it would have been very easy for Frozen to be perceived as a girls' movie," said Hall to Yahoo. "But I think you don't make over a billion dollars by having it just skewed to one thing."

I hope they have nothing to worry about. Everyone loves superheroes and everyone loves soft hearted and pudgy things. They're the cutest kind of things.

Watch the trailer and giggle, and jiggle, below!

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