Surface Pro 3 News: Demo The New Tablet-Computer For Yourself Soon In Microsoft Stores

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 26, 2014 12:46 PM EDT

If you want to get your hands on Microsoft's newest edition in its computer-tablet hybrid family, the company's stores will be getting demo units of the device first. The recently unveiled Surface Pro 3 won't be available to try out at retailers for the time being, but will be coming to Microsoft stores on June 6.

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It makes sense that Microsoft would debut the product in its own retail locations, but unfortunately for most the locations are few and far between. Relatively new, Microsoft stores are mainly only present in and around major cities right now, but will offer your first chance to try out the new device if you can make it to one. There are around 100 locations in the US and Canada, the fill list of which can be found here.

The Surface Pro 3 is being lauded as the tablet that can finally replace your laptop--something Microsoft was aiming to do with the first two Surface devices. Reviews seem to agree that the Pro 3 does come closer than anything before, but the comfort of using it on your lap does not seem to equal the experience of the aptly-named laptop.

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This does beg the question about the usefulness of an in-store demo: nobody is debating the Pro 3's functionality on a desk, especially with a mouse and the type cover attached. In stores, the device would more than likely be displayed on tables, which wouldn't allow consumers to test the most questionable aspect of the Pro 3 (use on a lap). Then again, that's something that works to Microsoft's advantage--the on-desk experience is more than likely to please.

The consensus does not seem to say that the Pro 3 is bad to use on your lap, just that it's not quite up to par in terms of replacing your laptop--its main marketing hook. Still, I've typed comfortable enough with my original Surface on my lap, and that model does not have the fully adjustable stand and redesigned type cover.

This is why your best bet may be to get your hands on a demo device--everyone is different and has varying needs. You can try the Surface Pro 3 in Microsoft stores on June 6, with other locations presumably to be disclosed at a later time.

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