Samsung Partnering With Oculus To Create VR Technology Using Galaxy Displays Instead Of Rift Competitor

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 30, 2014 03:50 PM EDT

Samsung's rumored virtual reality headset will reportedly be built in cooperation with VR company Oculus, rather than as competition for the Oculus Rift device.

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Engadget originally reported that Samsung's device would be a rift competitor, but have since received new information that claims the two companies will be working together. The Oculus Rift began as a VR headset meant solely for gaming funded by fans on Kickstarter, but saw its likely uses skyrocket when Facebook purchased the company earlier this year for a whopping $2 billion.

Given Oculus's expertise in the field and now significant backing from Facebook, Samsung is choosing to work with the company rather than go head to head with it. According to the information, Samsung will not be making a device with its own screen either, but rather using its smartphones as the display.

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The deal, according to Engadget, will be that Oculus provides Samsung with early access to its mobile software development kit, while the electronics company provides Oculus with access to its next-gen OLED displays. This partnership would be mutually beneficial, and help both companies expand their current offerings and penetrate new fields.Samsung reportedly wants to be the first to market with a VR headset without spending extensive time and money, while Oculus are willing to take a slower approach to produce a quality product.

The Rift has been said to work well by those in the gaming industry that have used it, and video game uses will remain its primary use, despite the fear of enthusiasts that the Facebook purchase has ruined the crowd-funded product. Sony is also developing a VR headset for the PlayStation 4 called Project Morpheus, which we should see more of at E3.

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