'Ant Man' Director Found, Comedian Adam McKay Will Helm Marvel's Upcoming Production

By Steve Buja , Updated May 31, 2014 08:32 AM EDT

The captain-less ship that is the Ant Man movie has, after a week of floating aimlessly, finally found its new skipper. Marvel Studios is pleased to report that comedy director Adam McKay will be taking over the reins of the studio's latest entry into their cinematic universe.

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AICN news broke the story, with Variety confirming quickly. McKay is, of course, known more for his comedy features, though what features they are! He co-wrote and directed both Anchorman films. Apparently, that was a factor in deciding who would get the part. McKay had been rumored to be in a heated three way 'battle', as it were, with directors Ruben Fleischer and Rawson Marshall Thurber for the job, but it was his relationship with Ant Man star Paul Rudd, who played Brian Fantana in both Anchorman movies, that got him the job.

Several directors of Marvel films have come from comedy backgrounds. Jon Favreau was not an action guy when he was tapped for the first two Iron Man films and the Russo brothers had barely directed anything outside of television when they made Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is fantastic. Ant Man is in good hands. The script, however, remains to be finalized and was the source of Edgar Wright leaving the production. Rumor has it that it is not the best, not even good, and getting a solid, competent director can only right things so much in the industry.

Marvel still plans to release Ant Man on July 17 next year, so filming really has to happen yesterday for them to have any chance of delivering a final, finished film.

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In addition to Paul Rudd, the film also stars Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lily. Ant Man is about Hank Pym, a brilliant scientist who, after a lab accident, finds he has the power to control his size and to communicate with insects. If it sounds ridiculous, just remember that this is the same universe that will soon have an anthropomorphic raccoon gleefully destroying any and all comers. Pym's claim to fame in the comic books is being a domestic abuser, a trait I am required to point out in every article because the man cannot catch a break, no matter the myriads of punishments he has received.

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