'Ant Man' Movie Director: Marvel Taps 'Bring It On' Director Peyton Reed To Helm Troubled Production

By Steve Buja , Updated Jun 07, 2014 11:21 AM EDT

It has been a tough go of it in recent weeks for Marvel's troubled Ant Man. The Paul Rudd starring vehicle, due out in a little over a year, lost its longtime director Edgar Wright, who had been with the project for six years, put out an offer to Adam McKay, who then turned them down. Now it's anyone's guess to see who will actually get the gig. Who needs the Belmont Stakes when you have a horserace like this?

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The Wrap reports that director Peyton Reed is the current frontrunner for the action-comedy. If the name doesn't sound familiar. if it lacks in the panache of a Wright or a McKay, it really should. Reed, known mostly for his comedy work, has directed several stellar entries over the decades, beginning with 2000's 'why is this as good as it is?' Bring It On with Kirsten Dunst and the 2003 comedy that nobody saw but really, really should Down With Love.

Directors Ruben Fleischer and Rawson Marshall Thurber were in the mix for a hot minute, but passed after McKay took the project. It is also rumored that Nicholas Stoller, who directed the hilarious Neighbors and Michael Dowse (Goon) are names that have been bandied about Marvel.

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But do not count out dark horse David Wain, who directed Rudd in Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models and Wanderlust and is something of an icon in the comedy world to pull up from behind and nab the title from Reed. It's anyone's guess at this point.

Marvel has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor that they've selected Reed. One wonders, with all the press and baggage the project has garnered in recent weeks, if many directors need to think twice before taking it. With a looming release date, the project may suffer far more than it already has.

Ant Man is scheduled to open on July 15, 2015. Do you think they can make it in time?

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