'Dragon Age Inqusition' Characters And Dragon Battle Revealed In E3 EA Conference Footage [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jun 09, 2014 03:26 PM EDT

Dragon Age Inquisition was briefly shown off during Microsoft's E3 conference, but the EA showcase went deeper with Bioware's upcoming RPG.

Check Out The Dragon Age E3 Trailer From Microsoft's Press Conference

A new gameplay video showed off the entirety of a fight with a high dragon, requiring the player's party to take down the enemy from all sides. Switching between the different characters seemed to be a key element, allowing you to attack the enemy from all sides.

You can do this in real-time, instantly jumping between characters and attacking the enemy, or using the strategic camera to pause and issue commands.

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Some of the characters were shown off for the first time, including a Grey Warden, a passionate "wild card" elf companion, the Kunari mercenary Strongbow, and a powerful and ambitious mage Vivian, all of whom make up "the inquisition". Check out the trailer below for yourself to see your future companions and the dragon battle footage.

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