'Civilization Beyond Earth' E3: 2014 Features Such As Alien World, Energy Currency & Outposts Discussed [VIDEO, NEWS]

By Robert Leo , Updated Jun 11, 2014 01:56 AM EDT

2K Games has made quite the splash from within the LA Convention Center walls of the gaming industry's top-tier trade fair, E3. One of the reasons has a whole lot to do with the upcoming release of the Firaxis Games-developed Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Civilization: Beyond Earth PAX Panel Info 

Sid Meier's turn-based 4X gem is slated to hit stores in the third quarter of 2014, and Firaxis' Pete Murray was on site at the 2K booth to do it justice via live demonstration.

Prior to launching his Beyond Earth alpha-based showcase, the presenter didn't hesitate to share the game franchise's already impressive impact on gaming enthusiasts.

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"Civilization: Beyond Earth is a new science fiction entry in the Civilization franchise. Civ as a whole has sold over 24 million units at this point so we are really excited to be creating this new version," he explained.

Murray went on to elaborate on what Civ enthusiasts could anticipate doing when they first attempt to man the strategic grid-like game's latest edition.

"In this game, you're going to be writing the next chapter for humanity as you lead an expedition to an alien world, settle, and lead your people into a new future," he told the audience.

Prior to getting started on the demonstration, Murray had no qualms about admitting that the programming brass behind the future release were still addressing some minor bugs in its play that could affect its fluidity.

Upon beginning navigation, the presenter elaborated on what explorers could expect in terms of the alien presence in the sixth installment.

"We've got alien jungles, we've got these deep canyons of magma glowing at the bottom. The green mist that you see through the landscape, that's called miasma, that's an environmental hazard that will damage your units," Murray stated.

As the explorer made his way up the large screen, a clear and present danger could be spotted from what was described as an alien nest called a manticore.

"To the north there, we see two manticore inside an alien nest. Manticore are an alien with a ranged attack that lobs miasma at you," he said.

Murray went on to get more specific about the reactions of the extraterrestrials when prompted, which won't exactly be ideal for gamers.

"Aliens in the game act as a faction onto themselves, so if you attack them, they'll become more aggressive towards you, and you don't want to antagonize it too much," he explained.

When it comes to building a civilization, energy will be an essential tool in garnering more of a solid presence in one's virtual residence.

"Energy is a currency you can use to purchase or maintain military units or buildings in your cities," Murray stated.

Other notable features of Civ's new world also includes new outposts, which can be a gateway for players to garner bonuses.

"Here there's a station called Fort Miller, an example of an outpost. These are independent settlements that if you open trade roots up to them they will give you some sort of a bonus," he said.

Civilization: Beyond Earth will be available for Windows, Linux, and OS X. Be sure to check back with GameNGuide for more of the latest details on the game.

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