'Call of Duty Advanced Warfare': New Abilities, Weapons, Technology & Advanced Soldiers? [VIDEO]

By Robert Leo , Updated Jun 12, 2014 10:19 PM EDT

Activision has managed to push the envelope once again with its upcoming and highly touted first-person shooter game, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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Living up to its massive hype, the company alongside its subsidiary, Sledgehammer Games, was on hand at the E3 Conference in Los Angeles, to heavily promote the eleventh installment of the Call of Duty franchise.

Sledgehammer's very own manager of communications, Brian Miggels, alongside creative director Brett Robbins, kicked off the demonstration of the first-person shooter masterpiece affront a limited audience.

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For those members of the gaming community and media that were fortunate enough to obtain access into the theater-like room setup were treated to two levels of Advanced Warfare.

Miggels started off the dialogue by thanking the audience and briefly touching on his passion for the project. He also expressed a sense of relief that Activision's public relations department finally gave his team the go-ahead to give fans a closer look at the game.

"It's been a passion project at the studio and the PR guys finally let us talk about the game and we're here demoing two levels," he said.

After Miggels' warm welcome, Robbins wasted no time delving into Advanced Warfare's newest features.

"Everything about Advanced Warfare is about the advanced soldiers. We're going to see in these two levels are all the abilities and weapons and new technology that we give you throughout the campaign," he explained.

The creative director also made it a point to elaborate on a new soldier perk that'll give players the opportunity to utilize brand new abilities.

"Every soldier is equipped with a exo-skeleton suit, which gives him the ability to do things like boost jump, cloak, and you'll see that in these levels. First level we're going to show you is called Collapse. Takes place in San Francisco and it showcases the boost jump ability,"

Robbins said.

The Advanced Warfare walkthrough then began, taking viewers on a dangerous journey through its Collapse level, where the soldiers were forced to do battle in a less than ideal Golden Gate Bridge setting.

From the ear popping gunfire to the detailed movements of the unit members sliding down into the crevice of the bridge's severed and flaming roadway, the game clearly showed audiences just why it was a step above its predecessor installment, Ghosts.

Robbins had also touched on the second level being showcased, which had the soldiers in Bulgaria, a far cry from the golden coast in Bulgaria.

"Second level is called Bio-Lab. It takes place in a forest in Bulgaria. It's an infiltration stealth mission. They use the exo-skeleton cloaking ability," he said.

For this mission, the soldiers found themselves within a deep foreign brush. Eventually, their exo-skeletons were activated; allowing them to avoid being spotted via hovering drone and also helping them successfully take out the opposition.

All in all, the audience responded quite well to the 30-minute teaser, as it seemingly served to further increase the anticipation surrounding Advanced Warfare's fall roll out.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is scheduled to be in stores on Nov. 4. Please be sure to check back with GameNGuide for all your latest updates in the world of gaming.

CORRECTION- An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to Sledgammer Games' Manager of Studio Communications Brian Miggels as "Brian Nichols." We apologize for the mistake.

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