'War Thunder' Online Gameplay: Gaijin & Sihtegaming Talk Tanks & Cross-Platform Play: Oculus Rift Compatible? [VIDEO]

By Robert Leo , Updated Jun 14, 2014 04:53 PM EDT

While most E3 attendees were adamant about scoping out the large scale developer booths of their favorite games, Russian indie company, Gaijin War, were still able to garnered several of its loyalists to try out its latest version of War Thunder, a multi-player combat game playable on the PC, PS4, Mac and all versions of Linux.

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Gaijin International Community Manager, Keith Donachie was on site at the LA Convention Center, and spoke to Gamenguide about the feedback the Russian company has been receiving.

"We've had a lot of people who have tried the game for the first time, and walked away very, very impressed and looking forward to going home and playing it even more, and getting a feel on the joystick, whether they're playing it on the PC or mouse or the PS4," he said.

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Speaking of controllers, fans have the option to go toe-to-toe with their opponents via the Thrustmaster, which acts as controls similar to the ones used in real-life machinery and war.

One of War Thunder's latest and hottest features is the players ability to simultaneously compete across all four of the game's different platforms, which is as Domachie puts it, is quite cutting edge.

"From our point of view, one of our most notable features is the cross-platform aspect of it. We have PS4, Mac, PC and Linux all playing in the same game against each other. That's quite cutting edge, to have all the different platforms in the same environment with no disadvantages," he explained.

To top off the buzz, War Thunder will also be compatible with Facebook's Oculus Rift when it hits the market, allowing gamers to literally place themselves in the middle of the battlefield.

Despite all of aforementioned War of Thunder perks, the game is still free of charge to play. However, Gaijin is still able to obtain its revenue through other outlets.

"We've got all these brilliant aircrafts and tanks that are completely free to play. We obviously make money by selling packs of collector item-type aircrafts and things like that, but you can play everything in the game and don't need to pay any money to get the same as someone who pays," he stated.

Well-known video game community member going by the name Entak, joined the conversation alongside Donachie. The YouTuber whose real name is Levi, has accrued nearly 58,000 subscribers on his Sihtegaming channel alone, where he goes over anything and everything War Thunder-related. Donachie coined him the "White Knight" of the game's community. Entak was brought on behalf of Gaijin to help out attendees on the trade show floor.

"Levi is our white knight in the game. We have a magic community as well so that draws you back into the game," he said.

Entak went on to speak about his genuine passion for the War Thunder franchise, admitting that he puts in a lot of his own leisure time into the game.

"Literally after one gameplay session I couldn't stop playing it. You progress and you unlock things. As you go along and get immersed into the game, you earn planes that are yours. Now that tanks are released, I cannot stop playing tanks. I play them three to four hours a day for fun," he said.

When queried about his massive YouTube following, Levi touched on the fulfillment he receives by through sharing his knowledge and information with his followers.

"Just being able to make videos to help new players that are coming into the game to make things easier for them. That's my passion and drive to continue to make videos for the game on top of my general enjoyment of the game itself," he said.

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