YouTube 60 fps Video, Other New Features Announced: Watch First 60fps Game Trailer For 'Battlefield Hardline' Here [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jun 27, 2014 03:57 PM EDT

YouTube announced some welcome news last night, stating that 48 and 60 frames per second video capabilities are coming to the service soon.

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The news comes out of VidCon, confirmed on the YouTube Creators Twitter account, and will mean higher quality HD videos. It will be especially noticeable for video games, which often sees 1080p, 60fps game trailers from developers and publishers. "Let's Play" and similar videos will also benefit from smoother and higher fidelity footage.

You'll have to be watching videos in 1080p to appreciate the improvement, so make sure to crank up the resolution if you want to watch in 60fps. A new trailer for the upcoming Battlefield Hardline, which you can watch below, is the first to show off the new frame rate. It looks great in 1080p, and you can chalk up the silky smoothness to the new 60fps feature.

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There will be more upgrades coming, which you can read about in full here on the YouTube Creators blog. They include redesigned annotation cards, thousands of royalty-free sound effects added to the Audio Library, and a new tip jar-style feature fans can use to fund you.

They are also launching a new YouTube Creator Studios app, which will help content producers track analytics for their videos on Android and iOS mobile devices. The app is available now on Android, and is coming to iOS in "coming weeks".

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