‘Civilization Revolution 2’ Released On Apple Store, JFK And Churchill New Characters [TRAILER]

By Luca Saitta , Updated Jul 04, 2014 08:58 AM EDT

Five years after 'Civilization Revolution' allowed you to take charge of the world's nations into a glorious future of wealth and plenty on the 360 and PS3, 2K Games lets you do the very same again - but mobile!

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True, the first CivRev did come to mobile gaming for Apple devices in 2009 and Windows Phones in 2012, but this time we're talking an initial release for mobile platforms. For $14.99, Sid Meier shall whisk you away to a land that is viewable from the top, as if you were in the birdshoes of a proud American eagle. Speaking of proud American eagles: Civilization Revolution 2 features some lovely new leaders such as John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill (latter may not be an American eagle so much as a British pitbull).

I could think of worse ways to spend those dead moments on the fourth between firework blasts at the family picnic and Harrier jets doing sweet grinds than conversing with JFK about Boston Catholic world domination. Papa Joe would be proud! Apple users, beware, however - CivRev2 will run on iPhone 4S+, iPad 2+, iPad mini 1+, and iPod touch 5. It will not run on earlier devices. An Android version is said to hit later this year, but no specific release date has been mentioned as of yet.

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On this here July 4th, our Independence Day, do not go quietly into that good night. Ask not what Dreamworks Face Honest Abe can do for you, but what you can do for Dreamworks Face Honest Abe: purchase this on your mobile device of choice.

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