'Dragon Age Inquisition' Companions: Cullen, The Templar Who Fought Knight Commander Meredith, Returns With A Serious Mission [SCREENS]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Jul 07, 2014 11:47 AM EDT

Returning to the Dragon Age series comes Cullen, the mage-hating Templar. The snarky and well-loved (and well-hated!) character is back with perhaps his most important role yet in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Cullen's story, if you're not familiar with him- 

"Cullen has seen the worst that magic and corruption can do to innocent people. Trained from a young age, he has devoted more than half his life in service to the Templar Order. He saw the Ferelden Circle fall during the Blight and was witness to the mage-templar conflict that tore Kirkwall apart. In the aftermath, it was Cullen who rallied what remained of Kirkwall's templars to restore order to the devastated city. His leadership and integrity caught the attention of Cassandra Pentaghast, who recognized in him a vital component in forming the Inquisition. Now the world is falling into chaos. Cullen is through waiting for others to act, and he's determined that the Inquisition will make a difference for the people of Thedas. "

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Just from the screens it seems that we're in store for a much more serious Cullen than we've seen so far. 

"Cullen is one of three advisors who help run the Inquisition," says Bioware's Brianne Battye in a blog. "Specifically, he commands the Inquisition's military forces on your behalf. Cullen will offer tactical advice and assistance throughout the game. And you'll have plenty of reasons to seek it."

She goes on to confirm his new outlook. "Cullen's been through a lot. As a result, he takes his new position very seriously. Your soldiers depend on him, after all, and he will do right by them. He expects a lot of the Inquisition and of himself. Some of my favorite parts to write were the moments where he lets that drop a bit-the moments where you see him relax and he can be the person behind the soldier."

While your Cullen will be shaped by the save files from the past two games, but however you treated Cullen in your games, he will be heading up this Inquisition, which heralds an all-out war between the Templar and Mages. 

"Cullen is someone who fights for what he believes in," says Battye. "He tries to do the right thing, even if he isn't always successful. His history interests me, and I'm sure other people are also curious about what it will mean. How has it influenced the man he is now? I guess I know the answer to that, but I won't say more just yet." 

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