'Warframe' PS4 Update 13.7 Bringing New Features, Armor Packs To Free To Play Shooter

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jul 08, 2014 03:04 PM EDT

Free to play action shooter Warframe is getting a big update today on PS4, bringing multiple changes and additions to the title.

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In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Digital Extremes' Associate Producer Pat Kudirka outlines Update 13.7, including the features brought into the game since 13.0.

The last major update added the water-based Warframe Hydroid, which presents its own gameplay challenges, a refresh of the melee system, and the Dark Sectors gameplay. As for 13.7, new weapons, items, upgrades and trophies have been added, bringing quite a bit of new content to the game.

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"In addition to our new content, we've added two new Trophies relating to Dark Sectors, one for completing 5 missions for a clan in a contested Dark Sector, and another for earning 100,000 credits in Battle Pay," Kudirka explains. "If you have yet to experience fighting over the Solar Rails and are looking for that 100% completion, now's a great time to pick a side and join the fight."

There are cosmetic armor packs for various Tenno coming in the update, including a Defaults Color palette that allows you to choose from all the colors used on Tenno so far. There are purchasable Prime Access bundles as well, which come with platinum, and a related new Void Tier.

"A new Prime also means a new Orokin Void Tier, and within it are new challenges for players to face. T4 Keys can be earned in Medium (lv 10-20) and Hard (lv 20+) Interception missions on Round 3 or later; which means as long as you're playing Interception, there's an excellent chance you'll be able to unlock our most difficult Void keys yet."

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