QuakeCon 2014 News: Elder Scrolls Online MMO Now Available To Purchase On Steam; No Better Time To Fus Ro Dah Than Today

By Steve Buja , Updated Jul 17, 2014 10:59 AM EDT

QuakeCon, the annual gamer convention, officially got under way this morning and already there is some big news coming out of Dallas. Zenimax's latest offering, The Elder Scrolls Online, will be available for purchase on Steam later today.

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The MMO brings players back to the world of Tamriel. The game launched in April to mixed reviews and is already available via the official site for both Mac and PC. Putting the game onto Steam, the world's largest digital game provider and a well-respected entity, will do a lot to help bolster the game's numbers. All of the other Elder Scrolls games are readily available for purchase on Steam.

No official word yet on what time the game will hit the Steam servers today, but keep an eye out.

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Both Standard and Digital Imperial editions will be available on Steam. In a move that's against the current MMO trends, the Standard edition of the game costs $59.99. No need to purchase any more gear. The Digital Imperial edition is a whopping $79.99 and gets you some extra vanity items, such as white steed and the ability to play as an Imperial.

In addition to Steam, the game will be hitting both Xbox One and PS4 sometime either later this year or early next.

More news from the Elder Scroll universe should be dropping after tomorrow's 'The Future Of Elder Scrolls Online' panel at QuakeCon. The panel features a number of the game's designers and will discuss, you guessed it, the future of the game. Hopefully we can expect some big updates and news regarding all things ESO. If you are at QuakeCon, pop into the panel which begins at 5PM CDT tomorrow, July 18 and ask some follow up questions. There will be a Q&A session after the presentation.

Stay tuned for more QuakeCon coverage as it hits!

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