DOOM 4 Release Date Set For 2015? id Software & Bethesda Revealed More Details At QuakeCon 2014: Beta On The Way

By Alex Riviello , Updated Jul 22, 2014 12:28 PM EDT

Those of you awaiting your DOOM will likely have to first survive till next year.

Next-Gen Gamers Get DOOM Beta With New Wolfenstein

Bethesda Softworks VP and all-around great dude Pete Hines spoke to PC Gamer last weekend about the game's reveal, and he explained that we won't be seeng anything more of the fourth Doom until next year, unless someone leaks the video. In fact, it wasn't even the plan to start revealing anything about the game.

"'Next year is normally when I think we would've started,' said Hines, so Doom will likely be revealed publicly then. He went on to express that plans can change, and it's even possible he'll be asked to post the stream, but then clarified, 'I don't think there's any way that happens.'"

QuakeCon Reveals First-Ever DOOM Footage

As previously reported, the footage shown seemed to indicate a return to the shooter's roots, a more action-based game than the horror of Doom 3. It showed off some expanded melee combat that allows you to beat down the spawn of Satan with your own fists and feet, which is nice when your chainsaw runs out of gas. The level of brutality will certainly remain- fingerprint scanners can be bypassed by ripping off a corpse's hand and utilizing it for your own needs.

There was also a section of the video that showed a demon ripping the player's arms off and beating him to death with them, in a moment that brought the crowd to a standing ovation.

So why did they show all of this footage if we won't be seeing any more of it till next year, which is increasingly looking like the same time the Beta will finally launch as well? To prove that the game exists, and to quell rumors that it was in trouble after there was no gameplay reveales at this year's E3.

"I really wanted to put something out there that, in a strong way, said, 'id is working on something that we think is really cool,'" said Hines. "And we wanted ... to show something to [id Software fans] that gives them the confidence that it is still a viable studio that's doing really cool stuff, that is making a game you want to play, and is treating Doom with the care and respect that you want. And now we're going to go away and go back to making the game, but to be able to counter other people talking about us and we're sort of just sitting here staying silent, or operating from this negative space of like, 'Oh, it got rebooted, oh it's in trouble.' All of that stuff just bothered the hell out of me."

So now, we wait. For DOOM.

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