The Starbucks Mobile App Will Allow You To Order Coffee Before You Get To The Store- Pre-Order Now!

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jul 23, 2014 11:16 AM EDT

Starbucks is adding a major feature to its mobile app: customers will be able to order coffee ahead of time, before they even arrive in the store.

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While currently only in a testing phase, Starbucks is determined to see the concept through to nationwide availability as a real feature according to Re/code. The company is experimenting with timing and nuances, trying to get the experience just right for consumers.

This includes not having a cup of coffee sitting too long before the customer arrives, or arguably worse, not having it ready when they show up. Bad experiences travel quickly by word of mouth, and Starbucks wants to make sure it has the pre-ordering process as close to perfect as possible.

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"We will do this and we will get it right," Starbucks Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman told Re/code in an interview, declaring his intent to bring the feature to market. "We're trying to get things down to a science."

We covered the Starbucks app in the spring, when the company announced customers will be able to tip baristas from their phones. The app is quite popular, with 14% of all in-store interactions completed by mobile payments.

Starbucks is currently testing the app ordering function in a model store, and plans to roll it out to a real test location later this year. Even if the development process takes time, as Brotman explained, it sounds like you can expect to see your Starbucks app offering pre-orders eventually.

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