Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Comic-Con Update Now Available: Here's How To Unlock Patrick Stewart! [SCREENS]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Jul 24, 2014 05:02 PM EDT

Start up Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff for iOS today and you'll download the latest event, which brings Comic-Con to the town of Quahog. Nerds are swarming the town, a bunch of goofy buildings and statutes have gone up, and Patrick Stewart is available.

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Best of all? That's really him- he voiced brand-new lines just for the game. There's nothing funnier than hearing the digified, knighted actor say "Gig-a-tee. Gig-a-tee." with that iconic voice of his.

To find him you'll have to repair the Clamterprise, which is a part of the Comic-Con and looks pretty much what it sounds like. Fixing it up will take some Blam! Energy Drinks, the new form of currency that you'll get for various actions during this event, like tapping on the nerds walking around town and vaporizing them.

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Unlocking the Clamterprise will reveal Patrick Stewart, but as is tradition with the game you're going to have to jump through some hoops to get him unlocked and playable as well.

Here's what he needs and how to get it-

-15 Slices Of Pizza (Bonnie, Q Building, Patrick Stewart's Trailer)
-10 Wizard Books (Clearing Red Shirt Nerds from Town, Bruce, Fat Kelvin's Comic Books)
-1000 Blam! Energy

It's not nearly as much as some of the other unlockable characters (has anyone done everything it takes to unlock Stewie Griffin yet?) but it will take a bit. Patrick Stewart's Trailer and Fat Kelvin's Comic Book locations willl speed things up by dropping Pizza and Books regularly but they cost golden clams (ie, real cash).

Don't forget that there are many more celebs to come in this update. Bryan Cranston, Ron Perlman, George Takei, Felicia Day, Stan Lee, and Nathan Fillion will be appearing in the weeks to come. The leader of the pack appears to be Takei, who is only unlocked after getting 100,000 Blam Energy Drinks. Good luck with that, if King Butt in the last update was any indication! One thing that's better this time is that the event will last a massive 47 days, which should give us plenty of time to get all of these new characters wandering around our Quahogs. (Android users will get the update on July 31.)

In any case, you will have lots of fun hearing Patrick Stewart's lines even before he's unlocked. Good luck!

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