Unreal Tournament, Gears Of War Devs Epic Games Announce UK Branch, Hiring Now

By Luca Saitta , Updated Aug 05, 2014 08:24 AM EDT

Epic Games, creators of Unreal, Unreal Tournament and the Gears of War series, have set up an official UK branch appropriately titled Epic Games UK.

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The core of this new branch of epic will consist of longtime partner Pitbull studios, probably best known for their contributions to Gears of War: Judgment.

Tim Sweeney, Epic founder and CEO had this to say: "Pitbull has been essential in helping us develop the best tools and technology for building the next generation of games. [...] They've been invested in UE4's evolution since its early beginnings, and their dedication is unflinching."

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Meanwhile, Euro license manager for Epic Mike Gamble has a lot of faith in this decision: "Setting up a bespoke Epic presence here and fully utilizing the Pitbull team as part of that enables us to support Unreal Engine 4 developers across Europe on an entirely new level."

Finally, Pitbull's general manager Robert Troughton couldn't be happier: "Becoming Epic Games UK was the next logical step in our relationship with Epic. We're looking forward to expanding our amazing team here in the UK."

Another part of the formation of Epic Games UK consists of a big old hiring binge! Do you live in the UK (or are willing to move there, obviously) and are interested in a career in games, why not try your luck and see what they are looking for right now? Click here to find out!

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