Elder Scrolls Online Update 1.3.3 Introduces New Campaigns, Guild Settings, Armor Dye And So Much More

By Steve Buja , Updated Aug 05, 2014 10:40 AM EDT

The world of Tamriel is getting a big shake up. North American guild servers went down for maintenance yesterday as the folks over at Zenimax installed update 1.3.3, Elder Scrolls Online's third major content upgrade.

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Zenimax is not kidding when they use the word 'major'. There are a lot of changes, tweaks and upgrades. For instance, "In this update, we've added armor dye stations where you can change the color of your armor with dyes you unlock through achievements. We've also added and improved many guild features including the addition of guild heraldry, guild traders, and improved guild management."

Players can now instantly swap between your main and alternate weapons and weapon set abilities. And for the more hardy adventurer, Zenimax has also added a new and optional difficulty mode for the final fight in Aetherian Archive and Hel Ra Citadel. Look for clues near each Celestial to find out how to trigger this new mode.

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But that is only scratching the surface. Additionally, there are 5 new war campaigns:

Bow of Shadows: 5 day Veteran Rank only Campaign
Blackwater Blade: 5 day Non-Veteran only Campaign
Haderus: 7 day standard Campaign that anyone can join
Chillrend: 14 day standard Campaign that anyone can join
Thornblade: 30 day standard Campaign that anyone can join

All other campaigns up until the patch are now closed. "If you were assigned to any Campaign prior to Patch 1.3.3, you will be given a free Home Campaign assignment on each character previously assigned to a Campaign."

It's not a major change, but it's a more fun and social one. Many emotes have been added to the game allowing you characters to express their joy, or more likely, their disdain towards others. Such as /sad and /juggleflame.

Check out the full site for the complete list of patch notes.

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