Hyrule Warriors Update: Japan Sales Go Through The Roof After Release, Quadruple Wii U Numbers

By Luca Saitta , Updated Aug 22, 2014 10:59 AM EDT

Koei Tecmo's Legend of Zelda fighting game remains extremely popular in Japan, doing what Dynasty Warriors is doing over here. The exact numbers revealed might just shock you, in fact!

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ManTanWeb (via the lovely translators at Dual Shockers) inform us of the record-shattering business Hyrule Warriors keeps putting in for Nintendo. A statement from the Tsutaya retail chain said: "The Obon Season [a three day Japanese festival made to honor ancestral spirits] saw strong sales over last year. Especially for the released Wii U software title Hyrule Warriors, with hardware sales going very well. The Wii U software division recorded sales nearly four times that of the previous year."

With sales normally slowing down a bit during this sacred festival season, Hyrule Warriors actually managed to stay strong, defying expectations. This news will certainly have fans chomping at the bit, a month away from its US (September 26) and European (September 19) release dates. Will its Japanese popularity be rivaled or perhaps even surpassed in the west? Plenty of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors fans here as well!

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With Hyrule Warriors being such a system seller in Japan, do you think the same thing will happen here? Should we expect a boost in Wii Us being sold come late September/early October?

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