New York Comic Con 2014 Teams Up With Brooklyn Brewery For Official 'Brooklyn Defender' Red IPA, A Beer That Gives You Powers

By Alex Riviello , Updated Aug 29, 2014 06:04 PM EDT

As in previous years, this year's New York Comic Con will feature an official beer from the best brewery in the city, the Brooklyn Brewery. In keeping with the comic theme they have also unveilved a new superhero called Brooklyn Defender, who will seek to defend beer-drinkers from watery, tasteless pilsners.

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Convention creator ReedPop has just announced the partnership with the famed NYC brewery to produce this year's Brooklyn Defender, a red IPA that will be made available at both the brewery itself and at events around the city.

"This year's Brooklyn Defender is an IPA as red as the setting sun, as brisk as a tornado and as refreshing as Amy Reeder's ink style," said Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery and general hero of the beer industry. "We incorporated some German red malts that give the beer the slightest edge of roast and a suggestion of caramel, and the explosive Mosaic hop steps out front with the aromatics."

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Comic artist Amy Reeder (Rocket Girl, Batwoman, Supergirl) was commissioned to creat the eponymous superhero, who will "embody the New York City attidude", making her own costume and going out to "defend civilians against tasteless beer." Truly she is the superhero the whole world deserves.

"The new Brooklyn Defender packs quite a punch," explains Reeder. "She's your neighborhood vigilante hero: everything about her screams 'homemade' and 'homegrown.' A boxing and wrestling champ in her own right, the Brooklyn Defender decided her skills were needed on the streets to defend beer and all those who stand behind it!"

Both the Defender and her beer will be the official beverage of Super Week, the week full of pop culture events leading up to this year's New York Comic Con. If you want to get a taste of the beer beforehand you can check out the release party at the Brooklyn Brewery itself on Wednesday, September 10 from 7:30-10:30 p.m. Click here to RSVP. Rock Candy Cakes NY will also be there to unveil a Brooklyn Defender cake inspired by Reeder's artwork.

We'll be there, aiding the Defender in her glorious battle. For more on the NYCC check out the official site at

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