Fantasy Flight Games Announces 'The End Of The World'; New Tabletop RPG Puts Players In Four Different Apocalyptic Scenarios

By Steve Buja , Updated Sep 04, 2014 09:22 AM EDT

Fantasy Flight, the purveyor of some of the greatest (and most mind-numbingly complicated) boardgames in the modern era, is at it again. They are no strangers to the end of the world, having crafted the boardgame version of Battlestar Galactica as well as adapted several games set in the Cthulhu mythos and in that vein, they are pleased to announce The End of the World.

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The new role playing game series puts players in one of four apocalyptic scenarios ripped straight out of science fiction: Zombie Apocalypse pits man vs undead; Alien Invasion sees you resisting the technical superiority of an extraterrestrial race; Wrath of the Gods pits you in a world where the gods have returned, and boy are they pissed; and no apocalypse is complete without the inevitable Revolt of the Machines, a Terminator-esque scenario where even your phone can kill you.

The four books utilize the same ruleset, but each are a standalone adventure featuring five specific scenarios that can be played.

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What makes The End of the World unique, however, is that you do not assume the role of some legendary hero or Chosen One; you play as yourself. That's right, no more figuring out how your Lawful Good Paladin is going to react to being swindled. You assess your strengths and weaknesses and approach the End of the World less like a game and more like an interactive story.

But, there are still some game elements. Players can boost their own egos by giving themselves positive, or negative, features. "Features are non-standardized, important aspects of your character that are much more detailed and specific than a simple number," reveals the blog. "Each feature is a word or phrase describing one of your strengths, weaknesses, or eccentricities. You may have the Iron Stomach feature to support you in the presence of blood and gore, but you may also have to deal with the Out of Shape feature if you're trying to sprint away from an alien invader." 

Players come equipped with whatever they have on them or nearby in the room. So, if you have a friend who has a small arsenal, maybe you should play it in his bunker. But even that might not be enough. You still have to scavenge for supplies; food, water, fuel, these things run out eventually. Aliens could come and rip apart the bunker like paper, and then where would you be? Every time you play, you'll be faced with a different set of circumstances based on group make-up, location and even the contents of your wallet.

There will be plenty of NPCs to spice up the surroundings. Maybe they're a part of some human resistance, maybe they want nothing more than to kill you and take your stuff.

The game is not yet available. According to the site, each book will retail for $39.95 individually. No word on whether a full set will be made available, but I would be shocked if it is not.

The end in The End of the World will not come with a whimper. It will come with a very loud, very unique bang.

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