Firefly MMO Closed Beta: Sign Up Now, Learn How To Fly With Captain Mal Into That Black

By Luca Saitta , Updated Sep 05, 2014 08:02 AM EDT

Firefly Online, the long-awaited return to the verse all Browncoats have been waiting for since 2005 (discounting the occasional comic arc), is looking for beta testers for an upcoming closed beta event. Do you have what it takes?

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If you get in, you will be part of the 57th Overlanders Beta Test Squad, named after Malcolm Reynolds' Brigade in the Unification War on the Independents' side. It's not just a question of filling out a form though (that would be Alliance shenanigans, and we got more spirit than that on the Outer worlds, ain't we?), the developer blog calls for an email to with the reasons why you would be a good choice for their "extremely limited" amount of beta slots.

A good Firefly Online beta tester has the following:

The time to test and respond quickly with feedback.
The ability to communicate concisely about issues you find.
The correct hardware to test with.
Willingness to keep confidential stuff, confidential.
A deep and abiding love of all things Firefly.

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Does that describe you? Why not shoot the 57th Overlanders a quick e-mail with a good level of quirk and squee to stand out from the grey hat-wearing crowd and get an exclusive first peek at the verse we've all carried in our hearts for nigh-on a decade. If you make it in, you'll actually get to display the 57th Overlanders Brigade patch on your Cortex entry upon launch.

Firefly Online is planned for a spring 2015 release on Steam for PC and Mac, on the iTunes store and Google Play.

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