Shadow Of The Colossus Movie Adaptation Acquires Mama Director And Hanna Writer To Bring The Legendary Game To The Big Screen

By Steve Buja , Updated Sep 05, 2014 10:59 AM EDT

The long gestating film adaptation of one of the most legendary games in the industry, Shadow of the Colossus, has picked up yet another director.

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The Hollywood Reporter reports that Andres Muschietti, the Spanish director who helmed 2013 Jessica Chastain horror film Mama, has assumed the not-so-insignificant task of leading the adaptation. Originally, Chronicle director Josh Trank was attached to the project back in 2012, however his duties for the upcoming Star Wars spinoff movie is no doubt of a more pressing concern.

We are worried that Muschietti has been hired as a company man, one who will follow the directions of the execs over at Sony. Mama has been Muschietti's only full length feature gig. Visually, the film is quite wonderful but the initially intriguing plot flounders under the weight of horror tropes and convenience. Muschietti also wrote the screenplay. For Colossus, however, Hanna co-scribe Seth Lochhead will take on all responsibilities.

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Hanna, it must be noted, is a very, very, very, very good movie. The script is pure aces, a modern day fairy tale. Seems fitting for Lochhead, who now gets to write an actual fairy tale.

Lochhead does have his work cut out for him. Sony's 2006 video game, while cinematic in its atmosphere, does lack in the whole 'dialogue' department. In an age long forgotten, a young man enters a valley carrying the body of his love. In order to rescue her, he must defeat all 16 Colossi that roam the area. Some are slightly bigger than bulls, others tower over the land like gods. He is armed only with a bow, a sword and his horse, Agro. He interacts with no one else but the mysterious entity that sends him on his quest.

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most important games in the last ten years of the industry. Minimal, beautiful and possessed of a certain amount of self-loathing. It is a game that is critical of itself and video games in general. As you stare up at these beautiful beasts lumbering peacefully along, you cannot help but feel a slight twinge of regret. Is this all games are? The destruction of beauty?

The game sold over 2.7 million units in its original run on the PS2 and has since been rereleased and named as one of the greatest games of all time on several lists.

Muschietti's sister, Barbara and fellow producer Kevin Misher will help produce the film for Misher Films, alongside Sony.

It is an odd feeling. On the one hand, it is a beautiful story to tell. On the other, the premise alone is very unfriendly to the trappings of modern cinema. A film like Shadow of the Colossus, if done wrong, could get very cluttered, very quickly.

Let us hope that Lochhead and Muschietti are given reign to craft a tale close to the original. Regardless, GameNGuide will be there on opening day.

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