Star Wars 7 Leaks, Rumors: Villains Have Death Star? Millennium Falcon Spotted And Marvel’s Example [PHOTOS]

By Luca Saitta , Updated Sep 11, 2014 10:06 AM EDT

In the times since JJ Abrams was announced as director of Star Wars: Episode VII and the mastermind behind the new trilogy, fans have gotten teases and hints of what the movie's about, with most of the information circulating the web being unofficial or leaked. Today, some starship rumors!

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JJ Abrams' Star Trek was described by many a scoffing fan as featuring an iEnterprise, as the legendary Starfleet ship looked like it came right out of an Apple Store in the 2009 reboot. Turns out JJ is an actual Apple fan, as he tweeted out his mad thirst for an iWatch.

But JJ wouldn't be JJ if there wasn't some cryptic hint going on. Notice that background? Well, it's from a very famous location of the old trilogy - the Death Star walls. We've heard rumors that the Empire is working on a new super weapon, so it would make sense that they just kept the same interior designers. An actual new Death Star, or a different type of superweapon with a similar interior?

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Meanwhile, Matthew Myatt, a photographer for the BBC, managed to snap this aerial shot from the Episode VII set revealing another classic Star Wars vehicle to be in the sequel trilogy.

With all this Star Wars headed our way being a big question mark when it comes to official information, at least know Disney and LucasFilm are taking the right people’s lead when developing these movies. Said Jay Rasulo, Disney’s chief financial officer to Variety: “[Do] everything [Marvel did], but do it faster because we already know the route, and take it through the same channels”.

An expanded universe, but in movies on top of comic books and novels? Sign me up! Not exactly news, but it’s heartening to see they’re taking the Marvel model as their example.

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