Pre-Order 'A Golden Wake Now': A Classic Point And Click Adventure Game In LA Noire Style Setting [SCREENS, TRAILER]

By Luca Saitta , Updated Sep 13, 2014 10:47 AM EDT

Quick, if I say "noir", what do you think of? New York, LA? Dark alleys and pouring rain? Slick suits and brassy dames? How about Florida suburbs? Probably not, unless you're called Ethan or Joel Coen. Upcoming retro point-and-click adventure A Golden Wake takes that challenge of being an out-of-bounds noir and did just that. What's a sunny Everglades noir look like?

Clash Of Clans Introduces The Lava Hound 

Wadjet Eye Games (Geminie Rue, Blackwell Mysteries) and Grundislav Games (Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator) have teamed up to tell us the tale of Alfie Banks, a real estate broker trying to strike it rich in Coral Gables, a 1920s Miami suburb. With the mob on his heels and the Great Depression looming in the future, can you manage to navigate the perils inherent to a pre-World War II America? Will you brave hurricanes and gators as well as goombahs and mooks?

It's heartening to see developers put such effort into a style of gaming that isn't really mainstream anymore. Hopefully, this niche product (moreso by eschewing the typical noir trappings) will find its audience.

Original Dragon Quest Out For iOS and Android

You can pre-order the game from the official site for $14.99 for an October 9 release for PC, Mac and Linux. All pre-orders will come with a swingin' jazz soundtrack evocative of the era. Upon release, you'll be able to buy the game on Steam, and other assorted online stores, with the soundtrack available separately.

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