NYCC 2014: Official Brooklyn Defender Beer Descends On The City: A Report From The Brooklyn Brewery's Launch Party

By Alex Riviello , Updated Sep 17, 2014 02:56 PM EDT

It has become tradition for the New York Comic Con to have its own official beer, since few things go together better than comics and beer. There is also no brewery more New York than the Brooklyn Brewery, which is why they were the perfect choice to once again craft a fine new limited edition IPA for the convention. 

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Last week at the Brooklyn Brewery, the Brooklyn Defender was unveiled. That’s their name for both the Red IPA that will be consumed by the barrel during the NYCC, and a brand new superhero, which you can see above. The Defender was designed by Amy Reeder (Rocket Girl), who was also in attendance to show off her new superhero.

The Brooklyn Defender has a truly noble mission- she seeks to protect all of NYC from lousy, watery lagers. Finally, a hero the city deserves!

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At the private launch party legendary brewmaster Garrett Oliver, quite arguably a beer superhero himself, stood on a crate and addressed the crowd to kick things off. He started by showing off his geek cred, displaying two comics he had just retrieved from his mom’s house- old issues of Hulk and Thor.

How old?

“October 1974," Oliver stated. "Yes, I bought these and i was more than old enough to read them. And I don’t want to hear the math, I don't even understand the math.”

Oliver went on to talk about how perfect the collaboration was with REEDPop and the New York Comic Con.

“When New York Comic Con first came to us to make a beer for the Con and a character [to go with it], we were like ‘oh hell yes’," said Oliver. "There was never any question to that- we are stone cold geeks.”

"This is just a great honor for us, to be associated not only with this but the great work of artist Amy Reeder."

Reeder was in attendance as well, not only to show off her neighborhood vigilante hero, but to cut a cake based on her creation, provided by Rock Candy Cakes.

“I hope you guys enjoy the beer," said Oliver. "So far it’s always been an IPA - we don’t promise it will always will be, but it is this year, with a streak of red and with justice in its heart.”

The beer was delicious, dangerously drinkable considering its relatively high 7.6% alcohol content. Willamette hops offer a different flavor than the grapefruity East Coast hops most are used to in their IPAs, while German Cara Red malt gave it the perfect color.

If you want to try it out for yourself you'll have to find this limited edition beer at the NYCC, or to any of the many Super Week events in the week leading up to the convention's start on October 9. This is the convention's way of turning New York into a geeky SXSW, full of fun events like live podcasts, trivia nights, video game events, and even a Lovecraftian film fest. The Brooklyn Defender will be on prominent display, smacking down any foolish attendees that try to purchase some inferior, tasteless, un-American beer. 

For more on Superweek check out the official site, and keep it here for much more on the New York Comic Con.

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