Supergirl Series Set To Debut On CBS; Arrow And The Flash Creator Greg Berlanti Nets Deal For TV Show About Superman's Cousin

By Steve Buja , Updated Sep 19, 2014 01:06 PM EDT

The creators of Arrow, which you may know as the best superhero show on television, and its upcoming spinoff The Flash, hope to continue their hot-streak of comic properties. Producer Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler have inked a deal with CBS for DC Comics' Supergirl.

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Deadline is reporting that the "the size of commitment eclipses the series commitment DC Batman drama Gotham got at Fox last fall." Which is something, considering Batman is a much hotter property than any of his Metropolis-dwelling companions. With the deal, WB has taken over all available markets, outside of ABC, which has close ties to Marvel with its Agents of SHIELD and the upcoming Agent Carter series.

Kara Zor-El is the cousin of everyone's favorite Boyscout Superman, having narrowly escaped the destruction of her homeworld, Krypton and found her way to Earth. Like all the (far too many) Kryptonians who survived the cataclysm, she possesses nigh godlike powers, the same as Superman.

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Supergirl is one of the most beloved characters in comics, despite undergoing an official "death" during the 1980s Crisis On Infinite Earths maxi-series, though she has been resurrected since and enjoys her own monthly issue. She is one of those characters that people don't know a lot about, but enjoy anyways. If you've ever been to a comic convention, Halloween party or really anything involving a costume, chances are you have seen a woman dressed as Supergirl. Or, equally possible, a big hairy dude trying to be funny.

There has been a recent outcry of the lack of female superheroes in starring roles amongst the comics world. Marvel has greenlit Jessica Jones for a standalone Netflix series and they are finally giving Black Widow her own film. DC relented and is giving Wonder Woman her own big screen vehicle, too.

Supergirl landing on CBS is several points for girlpower; the network boasts several high profile, female led shows, such as The Good Wife, Extant and the upcoming Madam Secretary. She'll fit right in.

This will not be the first time Kara has come to the live action screen. She was featured heavily in the final few seasons of Smallville and even had her own spin-off movie in the 80s starring Helen Slater. It wasn't...uh...good. Let's hope Berlanti can do for Kara what he did for Oliver.

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