Marvel & Disney’s Big Hero 6 Trailer From Frozen Movie Creators Shows Off Baymax, The New Olaf In Iron Man Armor [VIDEO]

By Luca Saitta , Updated Sep 26, 2014 09:37 AM EDT

At Marvel's acquisition by Disney, fans all over the internet became anxious at what they perceived to be the oncoming "kiddiefication" of Marvel. Nearly three years and an Iron Man 3 later, we can safely say this hasn't totally been the case. Big Hero 6, however, will be the first actual Marvel property adapted by Disney Animation Studios.

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In the city of San Fransokyo (hint #1 that this movie isn't in continuity with the Marvel Cinematic Universe right there), Hiro is a young boy approaching puberty who inherits the robot Baymax from his deceased older brother Tadashi. The balloon-like robot is programmed for healing and counselling, so when a kabuki-masked villain (SPOILERS probably Tadashi, my gut says END SPOILERS) attacks the city, it's up to Hiro to assemble a team of six heroes, a big hero... something.

The action life does not suit Baymax, with hilarious results, not the least of which is him trying to get into a suspiciously familiar red-yellow, repulsor-hands outfitted armor. By playing up "from the makers of Frozen" and the focus on cuddly Baymax, it's clear Disney would like another breakaway hit character like Olaf. Will it succeed this time, as Frozen's success caught everyone off guard? Time will tell!

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Big Hero 6 is coming to theaters this November 1 in the US, after strangely premiering in many Eastern bloc countries the week before that. It's like Disney wants piracy to happen!

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