Fantastic Four Reboot Plot Details: No Space Travel, Movie Using Ultimate Marvel Origins Instead? [SPOILERS]

By Luca Saitta , Updated Sep 29, 2014 08:55 AM EDT

The upcoming retelling of the tale of Marvel's First Family has been shrouded in a fair amount of mystery, with most of the geek internet's coverage going to Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Besides the first set pics of the Fantastic Four's arch-nemesis Dr. Doom already having leaked online, now the origin of the science heroes has been revealed.

First Leaked Pictures Of Doctor Doom Show...Interesting Look

In the original comics the four who would be fantastic travelled up into space because Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) wanted to beat the commies to it. Hey, it was 1961. College buddy and hot shot pilot Ben Grimm (the Thing to be) warned Richards they did not know enough about "cosmic rays" (hey, it was 1961) to risk it. After a proper shaming from Reed's fiancée Sue (who would become the Invisible Woman) for his caution/cowardice, they steal Reed's rocket from a USAF base and blast off into space, inexplicably bringing Sue and her little brother Johnny (the future Human Torch) along with them. They all get blasted by cosmic rays, and voilà, the Fantastic Four are born.

In the 2004 alternate-reality comic book series Ultimate Fantastic Four, the origin was changed up and Reed was now doing research into parallel dimensions, together with his future girlfriend Sue, her dad Franklin and his lab partner Victor (soon Dr. Doom). This experiment went awry, and the four plus Victor got sucked through an alternate dimension and landed in different parts of the world, with powers.

No Xenomorphs In Prometheus 2

Now Schmoes Know claims that the 2015 retelling will follow this latter version of the origin. What do you think? I wonder if their Doom will also have hedgehog-like spikes, goat legs and the ability to spit acid.

The Fantastic Four will bombard theaters with multidimensional stuff on June 19.

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