Alien Isolation Video Stomps You In The Face: It Is Not Just The Alien You Have To Worry About, Everything Can Kill You [TRAILER]

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 01, 2014 11:05 AM EDT

As if you did not have enough problems contending with the xenomorph on the space station in Alien Isolation, now you have to be wary of your faithful robot servants, too.

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The latest Alien: Isolation trailer, titled 'Stomp' is the next in their #howwillyousurvive series (answer: I won't). And for the first time in the history of video games, the flame thrower is utterly useless. Our heroine encounters a robot on the fritz and tries to fry that Ian Holm-looking jerk down to useless parts. Things don't go according to plan, and well, it's called Stomp for a reason. I'll let you watch.

We have now determined that everything is out to kill you in the game. I might not be able to fundamentally understand why the alien is, but I get that I'm supposed to be afraid of it. But now the ship can kill you, the robots can kill you and I'm sure your fellow survivors, what few there are, can kill you. After all, you can kill them. Seems only fair that they can return the favor.

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Still, a killer robot should be of no surprise. The Alien films have taught us that the only thing worse than an xeno is a walking toaster, all of whom always have secondary objectives where "the crew is expendable" or some other such Weiland-Yutani corporate BS.

Frankly, we should just run round and pop em off on sight. It's the only way to be sure.

Alien: Isolation hits PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC next week on October 7. Get Stomped below.

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