Smite MOBA Update Details: New Patch Adds New God And Items, Matchmaking Retool Announced

By Connor Sears , Updated Oct 02, 2014 04:45 PM EDT

Yesterday, Smite developer Hi-Rez Studios posted the patch notes for the update that introduces new god Sylvanus into the fray. The patch also comes with several smaller changes and the announcement of a revamp of the game's matchmaking system.

Get The Details On The New God Sylvanus

The most prominent new feature of the update is the introduction of the Roman forest god Sylvanus as a playable character. This guardian excels at support play and can be useful as a tank as well. Sylvanus also has an new alternate skin available already. Permafrost Sylvanus is perfect for Sylvanus players who are tired of playing as Groot and would rather play as the giant snowman from Frozen.

The new update also introduces some significant changes to the game's matchmaking system, though these changes won't be online immediately. The new system does away with timed waits, which would throw a player into a game automatically after a certain amount of time, whether or not the system had found an appropriate match. The new system also includes features meant to better pair players with other players of comparable skill.

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A new item tree based on bows was also introduced to the game's item selection. Starting with the Short Bow, this new tree focuses on increasing players' attack speed. Four new items populate this tree, and existing item Odysseus' Bow was moved over to join its fellow archery items.

Beyond these changes, almost 20 gods received bug fixes or balancing changes. Most changes are relatively minor with the most work being done to new gods Cabrakan and Sylvanus.

Smite is free to play for the PC.

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