Slang Of Clans: Clash Of Clans Assault Strategy Acronyms Guide; BARCH, GOWIPE, Balloonion And Some Original Formations

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 03, 2014 02:15 PM EDT

Even that top tier Clash of Clans competitor was a newbie like you and me. He or she had to navigate through the agony of defeat time and time again. Clash is a long, drawn out crucible of fire, a game of patience, precision and as it turns out, a whole lot of slang. Nothing makes you stand out worse than using the wrong nickname for the wrong unit type.

Lava Hound Assault Replays From Clash Of Clans

I am by no means an expert on this subject. My Town Hall is level 5 and will be for the foreseeable future as I slowly upgrade literally everything else in my village. Or maybe you'd prefer to call it a town? I like to think I know at least enough to know that I don't know what I am doing, but I have picked up a few bits of the lingo along the way.

Rather than achingly tell yourself (or your youtube audience) by saying 'I'm attacking with this, this, that and these', it is much easier to say 'we're going (cute abbreviation).' But what if you don't know what that cute abbreviation is? You may be a little lost while your host goes on and lays waste to an enemy town.

This War Of Mine Digital Character Rendering Process

With you, the newcomer in mind, let's take a look at some of the abbreviations used for various Attack formations in Clash of Clans. Skip down a bit if you want some of GameNGuide's own assault acronyms.

BARCH - the first strategy you will ever utilize, it stands for rushing with majority Barbarians and Archers. Simple, effective and fairly cheap, good for mopping up at all stages of the game. Watch an effective attack here.

GoWiPe - the most common and effective top level ground assault, the GoWiPe consists of using Golems, Wizards and the PEKKA. The Golems soak up the enemy's defense, the Wizards take down everything and the PEKKA is good for clean up and decimating the opponent's Clan Castle troops. It's pricey, and you'll have to wait, but this will get the job done.

GoWiWi - a glass cannon of an assault. Golems, Wizards and Witches. The Golems go in for damage soaking, while the Wizards and Witches bring destruction, and death in the forms of skeletons. It's a great smash and grab assault. Don't expect anyone to get out alive, though.

Balloonian / Miniball - though a case for 'Balloonion' can befor the aerial assault fans. Balloons & Minions. Rain destruction for above, and for not too many resources. It may take a while to gather up your forces, so be prepared.

BAM! - Barbarians, Archers and Minions. Because every infantry division needs a little air support from time to time.

Mass [unit] - the Clash of Clans equivalent of a Zerg rush. A single unit type in overwhelming numbers, such as Mass Witches or Mass Drag (Mass Dragons, that is).

Noah's Ark - bring two of every unit to the battle. And you don't even have to determine which ones are clean and unclean.

Now, those are just some of the better known ones. But we can get creative with the troop compositions. For instance, why not try the:

MiniPig Assault - rush in with your Hog Riders, generally called 'pigs' or just 'hogs' along with a contingent of Minions. We can also call it Pigs In Blankets, because those are just delicious.

The Rookery - in which you send in the mighty, and new, Lava Hound from above with some Golems on the ground. They're two heavily armored, rock like creatures that are used to soak up damage, so it might not be the most effective assault, but your opponent will be amazed at the length of time it takes to bring you down.

The Chess Board - similar to The Rookery above. Golems (the Rook), Hog Riders (the mounted Knight), Healers (the Bishop) and of course, the King and the Queen. For when you want to confuse your opponent with knowledge of classic games.

Girl Power Assault - all the ladies, all the time. Archers, Witches, Valkyries, the Archer Queen and the PEKKA (who are generally considered to. We can also call it the PWArKyries attack, which sounds like something out of the Hymnal. You can bolster the Girl Power assault with Healers, of course.

The Skeleton Crew - Wall Breakers, Balloons and Witches. Send in the Balloons to attract the enemy defenses and hopefully knock some down, while they're distracted, wall breakers. Wall Breakers everywhere, and follow it up with the Witches, who will summon Skeletons of their own to finish the assault.

Big Man On Campus (BMOC) attack - rush nothing but Giants, Golems, PEKKA (Title IX and all that) and the Barbarian King, with an assist from the Hog Riders.

Obviously, some of these are more effective than others and if you hope to succeed, there are Army Camp sizes to consider and whatnot. My advice, when in doubt, go GoWiPe. It's the most winning of any of these. But it's a community game built with fun in mind. Why not go a little crazy and try out some new assaults? You have nothing to lose but time.

Tried out any of these? Tell us in the comments.

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