Maingear Reveals The NOMAD 17, A New Gaming Laptop That Combines Power And Aesthetics With Latest Nvidia Graphics Card

By Connor Sears , Updated Oct 07, 2014 04:35 PM EDT

Today, PC builder Maingear announced its newest and most powerful gaming laptop with the NOMAD 17, a combination of powerful components and sleek design.

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Powering the NOMAD 17 on the graphics side is the new Nvidia GeForce GTX line of graphics cards, including the 6 GB 970 M and the 8 GB 980 M. Running everything else is a four-core Intel i7 processor, capable of speeds of up to 4.0GHz. To save on power, the NOMAD 17 is able to utilize both of these powerful components and dynamically divide up the computer's workload between the CPU and GPU.

In terms of raw specs, the NOMAD 17 comes with a 1080p display and a 1080p webcam. For memory, it boasts 32 GB of DDR3 memory, a 128 GB SSD and a full terabyte of HDD storage. Finally, the laptop comes with six USB 3.0 ports to make sure that all of your gadgets and accessories have plenty of room to share and to let you leave this guy at home when you head out.

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The NOMAD 17 isn't all about the power on the inside, though. The laptop offers six options for vibrant colors to make sure your machine isn't just another black box. Buyers can choose from either a matte or glossy finish for the paint on the top of their case, making sure the laptop stands out in more ways than performance.

With a weight of 8.6 pounds and a price tag of $2,099, this machine will take a toll both on your wallet and on your bag when you carry it around. But at least you'll sleep well knowing that any game you find on Steam will be well within the capabilities of your machine.

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