NYCC 2014 Cosplay Gallery Day 1: All The Creatures Come Out To Play On New York's West Side [PHOTOS]

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 10, 2014 11:00 AM EDT

Walking into New York Comic Con is like walking into some weird, crazy place where the walls of reality have come crashing down. Marvel and DC characters mingle with everyday folks; giant robots chat with Ghostbusters and sometimes you'll get two of the same characters in the same room, and who knows what will happen?

Game Of Thrones Panel With Hodor And Podrick At NYCC

Cosplay (costume play) is the fine art of dressing up your life favorite characters from movies, tv, video games, comics, anime and really anything. Whatever you're passionate about, chances are you will find some sort of Cosplay.

As we roamed the endless, huge halls of the Jacob Javits Center, we kept an eye out for notable cosplayers wandering around. You can hardly walk a foot without running into some familiar face, torn straight from the pages of comics and movies. And cosplayers can hardly walk a foot without someone stopping them to ask for their photographs!

The Marvel Hyper Realy 4D Experience Will Be Legendary

I myself was decked out yesterday (and today, and tomorrow) as Agent 47 from the Hit Man video game series. A cosplayer asking another cosplayer to pose is a bizarre sight, but one that happens with regularity at any Con, but especially NYCC.

The photos below are but a small fraction of the total number of cosplayers present yesterday. As a cosplayer myself, I know that sometimes, you just really want to get to wherever it is you're going and do not want to be bothered. Keep on scrolling to see them. Maybe you'll recgonize them, or the player; maybe you won't, I know I need help with one or two of these. So if you know the name of the character these artists are playing, let us know in the comments!

See you tomorrow for more NYCC action! Follow along with all of our news here.

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