Apple Event Preview: What We Can Expect To Be Revealed At Apple's October 16 Presentation

By Connor Sears , Updated Oct 15, 2014 11:30 AM EDT

Apple's coming back to the stage tomorrow, with a whole new lineup of products to reveal to follow up on the wildly successful iPhone 6 launch. Apple's been keeping quiet about what they'll be bringing to the table, but leaks and rumors have let us come up with a pretty solid picture of what will be on the docket tomorrow.

Originally, Many Thought New MacBooks Were On The Schedule For Tomorrow, But Sources Have Said No

New iPads

The major product reveal for tomorrow is expected to be a new iPad Air. Many thought a new iPad would be revealed back at the iPhone 6 event, which just means that we're now overdue for an announcement. According to rumors, these tablets will now come in the three colors that iPhone 6s come in: silver, space gray and gold. The new iPad Air is said to run on a more powerful version of the A8 processing chip that Apple introduced in the iPhone 6, and it will be the first iPad to support Touch ID.

By putting Touch ID into iPads, the tablets will, theoretically, be able to support Apple Pay. Because they don't have NFC chips, they won't be able to pay for in-person purchases, but they should be able to utilize the program for online purchases. Speaking of which...

Apple Will Be Streaming Its Event Live For Apple Owners Only

Apple Pay And iOS 8.1

Based on some pieces of code that developers have identified in the beta, iOS 8.1 is likely going to be update that adds Apple Pay to the iPhone 6. Another leak from Walgreens suggested that Apple Pay will be open for business by Saturday, October 18. It would make sense, then, for Apple to announce the release of the iOS 8.1 update along with Apple Pay at tomorrow's event. Knowing Apple, it wouldn't be surprising if they made the update available during the course of the event.

New iMacs

Apple's line of desktops are rumored to be getting an update as well. Retina display iMacs are said to come with some basic improvements in terms of hardware performance. There are even suggestions that Apple has a 5K-display iMac in the works, which we might get to see at tomorrow's event. Any of these new iMacs, however, are sure to be running Apple's latest computer operating system, which brings us to...

OS X Yosemite

Yosemite has gone through enough developer betas that it would be irresponsible of Apple not to give us a release date tomorrow. Yosemite is said to offer expanded connectivity between Apple computers and devices running iOS 8. For example, if an iPhone user's phone rings, he or she can answer the call or text from their computer running OS X Yosemite without even picking up their phone.

Apple Watch

This is more of a stretch dream than a prediction. While Apple has the stage, it would be nice to see if it will offer any new information – a more solid release date, perhaps – for its upcoming wearable. This one is highly unlikely, though. In all likeliness, not too much has changed after only one month of extra development time.

A Free U2 Album

Just kidding. Bono has actually since apologized for that decision. For better or for worse, there probably won't be any free music offered at Apple's press conference.

You'll be able to watch the presentation live (assuming you're using Safari on an Apple device) here. The event kicks off at 1 p.m. Eastern (10 a.m. Pacific).

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